Only today: Homepod for effectively 220 euros from Apple


While most providers are just throwing out percentages on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, Apple uses a different model: Anyone who currently buys the Homepod directly from Apple will receive a 100 Euro gift card.

Apple’s Homepod is currently in great demand: Regardless of whether the new Homepod Mini (test) (Apple’s delivery times now extend to January 19, 2021) or the Homepod in a larger design, which was presented in 2018. And buyers can currently save a lot.

For example, Apple is currently selling the HomePod for its regular price of € 320.70, but only today does every buyer receive a gift card worth € 100 when they buy. So the Homepod actually only costs € 220.70. The gift card is a voucher that you can redeem in the App Store or iTunes Store for films, music and audio books. Alternatively, you can of course also give the voucher away.

Pay attention to bargain hunters:

Cyber ​​Monday: These Apple devices are cheaper

Apple’s Homepod is currently heavily discounted on Ebay for only around 249 euros. Other offers in the price comparison are at least 299 euros!

Apple Homepod in space gray for 249.90 euros

Apple Homepod in white for 249.90 euros

However, you should take a closer look at the product description. There is a specific reason why the Homepod is currently so cheap on Ebay: The devices may be B-goods, which may show slight signs of use.

“The HomePod is a revolutionary speaker that adapts to its surroundings and delivers hi-fi sound no matter where it is,” said Apple. “Together with Apple Music and Siri, you can discover and interact with music at home in a whole new way. And he can help your family and you with everyday tasks and control your smart home – all with your voice.”

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