Outlook: Okta publishes figures for the past quarter | 11/30/20


Okta can look into the books on December 2nd, 2020: At the quarterly financial conference, Okta will disclose the balance sheet for the quarter ended on October 31, 2020.

22 analysts estimate that in the past quarter an average result of -0.010 USD per share was achieved. That would be an increase of 85.71 percent compared to EPS for the same quarter last year when it was $ -0.070 per share.

19 analysts estimated revenue for the past quarter averaged $ 202.8 million, up 32.53 percent from the same quarter last year, when Okta posted $ 153.0 million.

Looking at the current fiscal year, 23 analysts expect an average loss per share of -0.012 USD, compared to -0.310 USD in the previous year. In terms of sales, 20 analysts assume on average that in the current fiscal year a total of USD 802.6 million will be converted, compared to USD 586.1 million in the previous year.

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