Over 360 new cases and 5 deaths in just one day in Vienna – Vienna


There are already over 59,400 confirmed corona cases in the federal capital. Unfortunately, the number of deaths has also risen again.

The Vienna State Medical Directorate and the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna provide regular information on the current number of cases and other key figures on the Covid-19 virus.

As of Monday, 59,429 positive tests were confirmed in the federal capital. Yesterday, Sunday, there were 59,063 confirmed cases. There have been a total of 366 new infections in Vienna in the last 24 hours.

The number of deaths related to the virus is 617. The deaths include four men aged 73, 74, 76 and 89 years and one women aged 86 years.

2,468 tests on Sunday

48,207 people have recovered. 2,468 corona tests were carried out in Vienna on Sunday, making a total of 830,144 tests.

The health hotline 1450 has taken 1,440 calls. The service number of the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) on 0800 555 621 provides information for the population.

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