Palina with an ugly statement about time with Joko and Klaas


Palina Rojinski no longer wanted to be just the female sidekick at the side of men. Bild: / Eventfoto54

Palina Rojinski on role alongside Joko and Klaas: “At some point I felt uncomfortable”

Last Saturday, the black-red coalition agreed on a mandatory women’s quota for company boards. That doesn’t go far enough for parts of the opposition. Others see it as an important first step towards equal rights for women in management positions.

Parallel to the discussion about the women’s quota, the “stern” published a series of portraits of successful women who say of themselves: “I’m a quota woman”. The aim is to take the stigma away from the term.

Palina: “I felt uncomfortable in the sidekick role”

One of the 40 women who comment on this topic in “stern” is the actress and presenter Palina Rojinski. When asked whether she describes herself as a quota woman, she says: “I see myself first and foremost as a woman and I think it’s a shame that we obviously need the additional quota in our society.”

Even so, she believes that her early days in the TV industry had something to do with her gender. She describes her entry at MTV with Joko and Klaas as follows:

“When I was in my early twenties, I was cast as a sidekick at MTV for a show with Joko and Klaas. It was definitely one of the editors’ considerations to fill this role with a woman. The two boys had been there for years and I was very lucky with them learning the craft of television. “

At first she was extremely excited. But she finally realized “that at some point I felt uncomfortable with this sidekick role”.

“It was important to learn to take responsibility yourself”

During this time, she had the impression that her potential was not being recognized, says Palina. After a while, she felt safe and asked the main editor if she could take on a section of her own, which finally worked. She thinks she wouldn’t have been made this offer on her own initiative.

“It was my conscious decision to ask for something. It was important to learn to take responsibility for yourself, to initiate a conversation on your own initiative. You can’t wait for someone to ask.”

Palina Rojinski with Joko Winterscheidt, Grandma Violetta and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf at the German Comedy Award 2013. Image: BREUEL-BILD / BREUEL-BILD / Juri Reetz

Unfortunately, young women are still so influenced “that it is not appropriate for a girl to ask too much”. That is arrogant, presumptuous, uncomfortable. Instead, women should remain ambitious and show solidarity with one another. That is important, emphasizes Palina.

Palina also reveals who her role models are: Iris Berben, Senta Berger, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe. Their reasoning: “They all have in common that they are or were brave. Because at some point they knew who they really are.”

“I’m a quota woman”: The “stern” series about successful women:

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