Passau: At 579.5, highest corona incidence nationwide


According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the incidence value of the city of Passau is now 579.5. That is the highest value in all of Germany. According to the RKI, Hildburghausen in Thuringia is 579.1 and thus has the second worst value.

There are also high numbers in the Passau district

The Lower Bavarian districts of Regen (377.2) and Passau (360.2) as well as the city of Nuremberg (307.3) are among the ten cities and districts with the highest 7-day incidence values.

Exit restrictions: acceptance in the population

Strict exit restrictions have been in effect in the city of Passau since Saturday: Passau residents are only allowed to leave their home for good reason – for example to go to work, to the doctor or to go shopping. It is also forbidden to drink alcohol in public places.

So far, the population has largely adhered to the restrictions, emphasized the police. “The citizens’ acceptance of the measures is very high,” said a spokesman. There are no special controls in relation to exit restrictions, but the usual police patrols pay special attention to possible violations.

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