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Patrick and Julia already agree on the baby cradle


Patrick and Julia think aloud about offspring

At first he avoided the decision for a long time and now everything goes very quickly with young farmer Patrick and his Julia. At “Bauer sucht Frau” the two are already planning their future together. When it comes to home furnishings, they are pretty much in agreement, as they discover during a visit to Patrick’s dad’s woodworking company. The lovebirds are already thinking out loud about their offspring. Patrick and Julia show in the video what the future baby cradle should look like.

“All that’s missing is the cradle for the first child”

Patrick and Julia can’t get out of the turtling at all. Since they are finally undisturbed at Patrick’s farm, they have cuddled extensively. And now the two of them are already making plans for the future – and that in front of Patrick’s dad. When his son goes through his veneer business with Julia and the two of them are already mentally setting up their future home, the future father-in-law is certain: Julia fits Patrick like the famous fist on the eye: “I have the feeling that he has fallen in love “. And then maybe he’ll become Grandpa very quickly. Because – albeit with a twinkle in his eye – Patrick is fortunate enough to have “only the cradle for the first child”.

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