Phenomenon in the sky over Germany: fireball spotted – many calls from the Stuttgart region


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On Saturday evening, numerous people in Germany saw a bright object in the sky. Some people from the Stuttgart area reported the phenomenon.

What did numerous people see when looking up at the sky on Saturday evening? (Archive image)

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Berlin – On Saturday evening, numerous people in Germany saw a bright object in the sky. “Within a few hours we had about 90 entries at our registration address,” confirmed Jürgen Oberst from the fireball network. This is a joint project of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the TU Berlin. “The reports all relate to an event at around 6:40 pm, and most of the reports come from the Cologne-Frankfurt-Stuttgart area.” It is not yet clear which celestial body it is exactly.

An observer from Siegen reported, according to the Colonel, of a bright ray moving across the sky, which had turned into a green jade-like color. Most of it appeared to have broken and two smaller, brightly shining balls came off. The sighting took a maximum of five to seven seconds.

Messages from the north too

“Very bright fireball from Düsseldorf-Ludenberg towards Mettmann. Then disintegrated into several parts. Time 6:40 pm “, wrote a sky observer of the” Rheinische Post “, as it reported on Sunday.

But the sky could also be observed in northern Germany. “Sighting of a bright object with a green tail flying from west to east. Tail 3-4 times the size of the object, with smaller parts being detached, ”wrote a man from Schleswig-Holstein on one page of the Gahberg observatory (Austria).

It is not yet known exactly what it is. However, the DLR differentiates between falling stars with a burn time of less than a second and fireballs. “A fireball has a glow time of maybe 5 seconds, rarely more.” Sometimes it seems to burst or change color at the end of its path.

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