Pimax releases “5K Super” VR glasses


Pimax releases the new VR glasses 5K Super. It comes with the usual high field of view and an experimental 180 Hz mode.

At this year’s CES in early January, Pimax presented software improvements for old VR glasses and two new VR glasses. In addition to the entry-level Artisan model, Pimax showed the successor to the 5K Plus, the SteamVR-compatible Pimax 5K Super.

The VR glasses offer a maximum field of view of 200 degrees with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels per eye. In the super version, Pimax installs an LC display with a full RGB matrix and a maximum refresh rate of 180 Hz.

However, Pimax describes this mode as “experimental”: It becomes stable from 160 Hz – so Pimax overtakes the 144 Hz for Valve Index (test) and is thus the fastest VR glasses (comparison) on the market.

The different frame rates can be set in the Pimax PiTool software. | Image: Pimax

There are restrictions from 160 Hz

However, the full field of view of 200 degrees can only be used with 90 Hz, 120 Hz and 144 Hz: Due to bandwidth restrictions, Pimax reduces the field of view to 170 degrees from 160 Hz, but is still way ahead of the competition. The Pimax 5K Super comes with a mechanical interpupillary distance regulator that allows settings between 55 and 75 millimeters.

Pimax Komfort Kit

The Pimax 5K Super brings better comfort. A convenience kit is available as an accessory for older models. | Image: Pimax

The glasses themselves are connected to Pimax’s new “Modular Audio Strap”, which is reminiscent of the Valve Index head mount and has built in speakers. Pimax also integrates the “Pimax Comfort Kit”, which includes a more comfortable face pad and nose protection. The VR glasses are compatible with Pimax eye tracking and hand tracking modules.

According to the manufacturer, Pimax 5K Super is now available in its own online shop for 699 euros excluding taxes. At the time of this writing, the VR glasses are not available.

Like other Pimax glasses, in addition to the glasses you also need SteamVR-compatible controllers and SteamVR base stations version 1.0 or 2.0 for tracking. They are available at HTC in the online shop or directly from Valve via the Steam Store. Pimax is also planning a 5K super bundle that, in addition to the VR glasses, will contain two index controllers and two SteamVR base stations 2.0.

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