Playstation 5: Bots snatch the PS5 away from players – nasty scam


Many Sony fans want to secure a Playstation 5 (PS5). But for most of them the dream is bursting. One reason for this is the massive purchases of gaming consoles by bots.

  • The new one appeared on November 19th Playstation 5 (PS5) in most countries – but within minutes many stores were empty.
  • Many fans couldn’t Gaming-Konsole from Sony get hold of.
  • Behind this is a nasty scam from dealers who with Bots want to make big money. One group was particularly bold.

Offenbach – On November 19th the time had finally come. The new Playstation 5 should appear. But then came the shock for many game console fans. Within minutes it was PS5 sold out almost everywhere. It looked similar with the pre-orders in September: In the end, many fans looked into the tube. But not just the imbalance between the supply of Sony and the mass demand of Gaming-Fans was to blame for the misery. So-called “Scalper” and your Bots played their nasty game with the fans.

PS5: Playstation 5 is almost impossible to get for fans – that’s behind it

Because during the production of the Playstation 5 at Sony because of Corona barely followed, the “Scalper“It the PS5-Fans In a particularly bold way, it is also difficult. They are dealers who try to buy as many products as possible in order to then resell them – of course with a hefty surcharge of often several hundred percent. But how do scalpers manage to buy so many game consoles where? Gaming-Fans but also try tirelessly to get a Playstation?

One lucky gaming fan was able to secure a Playstation 5 (PS5) in Seoul – not many Sony fans were lucky.

© Ed Jones/AFP

To do this, the dealers use a particularly clever system. They don’t buy empty stores themselves, they leave Bots get the job done. This is a computer program that automatically repeats the tasks that have been assigned to it. Using the example of the Playstation 5, the bots have queued en masse, automatically avoided waiting times, automatically filled in payment and delivery data and loaded their shopping carts at breakneck speed PS5 filled. In this race between man and machine, it is not surprising that many Gaming-Fans got the short straw.

Name der Gaming-Konsole Playstation 5 (PS5)
Generation 9. Console generation
Manufacturer Sony
Release 19. November 2020
price 499 euros (with drive), 399 euros (without drive)

Playstation 5 (PS5): Scalpers use Run on Sony gaming consoles for their machinations

How drastic the effects of the Scalper and yours Bots on the offer of PS5 can be seen in the example of a group of scalpers from Great Britain. Here, too, the run on the Playstation 5 was great. No wonder, because while Apple and Co. bring out new devices every year, that’s at Sony and consorts only once or twice a decade so far. As the news site “Business Insider” reported, a group of British Scalpern knapp 3.500 Playstation 5 game consoles caught.

Playstation 5 (PS5): Dealers use bots to grab Sony gaming consoles en masse

They too are only pursuing one goal, namely PS5 resell with as much profit as possible. The news magazine also found out exactly how the group proceeded. The group behind this mass buying of the Playstation 5 stand, consist of twelve core members. You didn’t just get on the PS5 by Sonybut focused on a variety of products from which they expect the highest possible profit. Other participants could also buy in with an entrance fee of $ 40 to $ 530 in order to be able to access such services, such as the purchase of a PS5.

So the group managed to get almost 2500 Gaming-Konsolen to buy on the day of publication and get 1,000 PS5 secure by pre-order. So this group of Scalpern now a larger number Playstation 5 consoles in stock than most dealers. It remains to be seen when Sony keeps up with the production and the fans who were unlucky so far can finally play the new games and games on the PS5. (Sophia Lother)

Headline list image: © Ed Jones / AFP

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