Playstation 5: Krasser Shitstorm for Saturn after pre-order debacle


Playstation 5: Weeks ago, numerous Saturn customers pre-ordered the new console in order to receive it on time for the launch – but nothing came of it. The frustration is limitless.

Our couch was the front and our patience the weapon“, It says in a PR video of the federal government to contain the coronavirus *. It was not until Wednesday (November 25) that the federal and state governments decided to extend the partial lockdown until December 20 *. But what to do with your free time when, in the midst of the pandemic, retreating into your own four walls becomes the top priority? For avid gamers and casual gamers, the case is clear: Console on and off on the couch! Here comes the long-awaited one Sales start for the Playstation 5 just right. At least that’s what many customers thought of Media Markt and Saturnthan she the PS5 before the release date pre-ordered and paid for to have.

But now everything is different – much to the frustration of customers who are longingly waiting for the new console seven years after the release of the previous Playstation 4 model. A shit storm is making its way.

Playstation 5: Chaos for the console launch in all online shops

The new one in Germany is punctually on November 19 at 1 p.m. Playstation 5 appeared in stores. It costs 499 euros with the drive and 399 euros in the purely digital version. The demand goes beyond anything that has come before – it follows the official go-ahead total chaos. Within a few minutes, if not seconds, everyone is there Consoles out of stock. One thing is certain: The rush for the new consoles has them Server of pretty much all online shops paralyzed on release day.

PS5-Fans report that they do it themselves when Online giant Amazon Didn’t even make it to the order button in time for the start. When now Further Playstation consoles going on sale is even a week after PS5 launch uncertain.

Well, who is already to Pre-order deadline on September 17th has secured the new console in the chic design – at least that is what many have done in advance PS5 enthusiasts thought. But as HEIDELBERG24 * reports, these customers are now deceived.

Playstation 5: Saturn Germany offends pre-order customers

In the early hours of the morning Saturn Germany publishes this statement on the release date of the new Playstation on Facebook:

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to provide everyone with a console when the PS5 went on sale”

Saturn Germany

The Shock for PS5 pre-orderers sits deep. Even days after the official launch, numerous customers are still waiting for their console.

Meanwhile, more and more are reporting Playstation buyers at the “Games Economy” online portal and complain that theirs PS5 package allegedly delivered via DHL has been, but actually never arrived. According to “Games Wirtschaft”, it has not yet been possible to assess whether these are individual cases or a scandalous accumulation.

Playstation 5: The frustration with Saturn turns into a shit storm

Not surprising the disappointment of some PS5 buyers knows no bounds and so now all the frustration is discharged over the Playstation scandal in the social networks.

Almost 2,000 comments (as of November 26th / 2:30 p.m.) are counted by that alone Facebook post from Saturn – most point to the impotent anger of waiting customers.

So also with Frank K.: „I know one thing, I will never again order anything from Saturn or Media Markt or ever go into these stores. I then ordered and paid for two consoles. For one, they transferred the money to me again after weeks without an email and for the second I still have no shipping confirmation. […] The worst thing is for the console, my son waived his pocket money for 2 years. […] Dirty shop“. One user after the other lets his anger run free; many misjudge the tone – it is a real shit storm.

Playstation 5: Sharp criticism of Saturn’s communication policy

True, some customers show Understanding of the bottlenecks in the PS5 delivery, but at the same time criticize them Saturn’s communication policy sharp. “Not only do we give Saturn etc. an interest-free loan of 500 euros, but we are also stupid without any tangible information“, Scolds another user and confidently adds:”Saturn Germany there has to be compensation otherwise you will go broke because nobody wants to buy from you anymore“.

In fact, the editors of “Games Wirtschaft” even have a case in which a customer Criminal charges for embezzlement has asked.

Try elsewhere unscrupulous resellers through the Desperation of the gamer to benefit: The Playstation 5 is offered on ebay at astronomical usury prices *.

Playstation 5: Justified indignation against Saturn or “luxury problem”?

On the other hand, a few users can use the not understand all the excitement and impatience. The small minority in the comment column rates the whole PS5 frustration as a “luxury problem” in the midst of the corona pandemic.

Whether angry customer or not, both camps will have to spend a large part of their free time on the sofa at home in the coming weeks. Hopefully that PS5 frustration for pre-orderers has an end soon. (esk) * HEIDELBERG24 is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Monika Skolimowska / dpa & Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc./dpa

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