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The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X promise significantly better loading times than the previous generation. However, this is not always the case across the board and the promises on paper are of little use without optimization. If you simply take Red Dead Redemption 2 off the shelf, PS5 and XSX don’t give each other much for free; a modded PS4 can deliver similar values.

Both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X rely on SSDs, which promises a significant reduction in loading times. Both providers technically go the same way using conventional hardware that is connected via PCI Express, but the details are different and the PS5 promises higher transfer rates on paper for compressed data.

In a first comparative duel, that does not help: Red Dead Redemption 2 loads on the Playstation 5 about as fast as on the Xbox Series X. It is even a touch faster. This also makes it clear: Pure raw performance values ​​or special algorithms say little about how quickly the game actually loads. In the end, the most important thing is how the data is available and how it can be processed.

First impression of the Xbox Series X: SSD and quick resume ensure the greatest increase in user experienceThe PS5 can load compressed data at 8-9 GB / s, the Xbox Series X at 4.8 GB / s. For the algorithms, however, the data must then also be delivered in an appropriately optimized manner, otherwise you end just like in the case study Red Dead Redemption 2, where at the end the game is loaded from the cold start into a memory status in just over a minute. Compared to the previous generation, the SSD technology is already a step forward, but not as blatant as you might think. A PS4 loads RDR2 into a memory status of just under a minute and thirty seconds; a modification to SSDs can already reduce the loading times to PS5 / XSX level.

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