Pokemon: Leak predicts Sinnoh remake – fans go crazy


Pokémon fans have been waiting for a remake from the Sinnoh region for years. A leak now predicts exactly that. Platinum, pearl and diamond remakes coming soon?

  • With Pokemon Platin is the last game out Sinnoh 12 years ago (All Pokémon News).
  • A leak now reveals that Release of a possible Sinnoh-Remake.
  • This further evidence points to a comeback of the Sinnoh-Region.

Tokyo, Japan – For many they were Games the fourth generation, diamond, pearl and platinum, the highlights of the entire Pokemon series. Not only is it the first Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS were, no, for many it was also the first Pokemon games her youth. One Remake the Sinnoh-Region is therefore of Fans wanted for a long time. Is it next year? One Leak want the Release of Pokemon Gen 4 Remakes knowledge. We give here more reasons why Sinnoh-Remake will come soon and what projects Pokemon plans in the near future.

Date of first publication 13. September 2008
Publisher Nintendo
Serie Pokemon
platform Nintendo DS
developer Game Freak
Genre Computer role playing game

Pokemon: is the Sinnoh remake finally coming? – Leak wants to know about the release

The time just has to be so far – Soul Silver and Heart Gold 2009, Omega Rubin and Alpha Sapphire 2014, now six years without Remake, if Lets Go Pikachu and Evoli does not count. From Sinnoh-Remake but no trace yet. It is for many Fans but slowly overdue. The known Leaker Several has returned and takes care of the matter. In the past, this was often included Nintendo-Matters right, so why not this time too?

Annoyed by the Fanswho criticized the Pokémon franchise said Several The following about the Sinnoh-Remake: „IYou’ll have your remake next November, stop complaining. “Next November of the year 2021 should it be so far? Gave evidence or reasons Several None, unfortunately. Therefore we will give you the first signs of this Sinnoh-Remake supply. But first for everyone Film-Fans – According to Kelios, a second part is supposed to Detective Pikachu to follow next year. Also Pokemon UNITE, New Snap and an MMORPG should 2021 appear. The last announcement from Pokemon Unite went really wrong.

Pokemon: is the Sinnoh remake finally coming? – Leak wants to know about the release

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Pokemon: is the Sinnoh remake finally coming? – These signs are there next to the leak

Lots of signs of one Sinnoh-Remake are in the last Pokémon game Sword and shield hidden. On nintendoenthusiast.com there is a post about 10 references to the Sinnoh-Remake gives. In terms of time, it would also be a perfect time. Because in the same year the celebrates Pokemon Company their 25th anniversary. Exactly in this period the most anticipated Pokemon game to releases, would successfully crown a period of time.

Also are Palkia and Dialga Statures have been built in a Japanese shopping center. There could be more meaning behind this than one might initially assume. Because why would you get this legendary Pokemon out Sinnoh choose? Is it because of the 10 year anniversary?

Or want the shopping center Fans hypen and cause speculation? This is exactly what they have achieved. Because back then before the Gen 5 remake Black and white 2 are similar statures from the legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom in Japan published. So there is more than just a hint of one Sinnoh-Remake and the time, as well as the Fans would be ready for it. We just need an official confirmation Such.

Did you know A study has shown that Pokemon Go is “the deadliest game in the world, so be careful and watch out for your surroundings.

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