Poland does not want to recognize Joe Biden’s election victory – so far no congratulations


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Poland refuses to congratulate Joe Biden on winning the election. Diplomatic relations with the USA are therefore threatened with a stress test.

  • Joe Biden has the US election 2020 won.
  • Donald Trump meanwhile gives in and paves the way for one Transfer of power free.
  • But Poland want the Democrat Biden not yet for Election victory to congratulate.

Warsaw – Donald Trump paved the way for an orderly transfer of power to Joe Biden, as elected US President. After weeks of not wanting to accept the election defeat, Trump signaled on Monday (November 23, 2020) that he Biden now no longer stand in the way. Regardless, Trump still denies having lost the election. Apparently he is even planning his comeback in the US election in 2024.

Donald Trump: Poland does not want to congratulate Joe Biden on his election victory

Many states now have Joe Biden congratulated on the election victory – Poland however not. In Warsaw the government has so far strictly refused to accept the Democrats as future US presidents to acknowledge. Zbigniew Rau, Poland’s foreign minister, recently said that the political and legal situation in the USA would be awaited and monitored further. The news agency “Reuters” reports. Prime Minister Andrzej Duda had congratulated Biden on a “successful election campaign”, but not on the election victory.

Donald Trump on a visit to Prime Minister Andrzej Duda in Poland. The country does not want to recognize Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 US election.

© Jacek Turczyk / dpa

Rau pointed out that the meeting of the US electors not until December 14, 2020. On this date they will meet for the US President’s formal freestyle. In addition, legal disputes are still possible until January 20, 2021, since the inauguration was only completed at that time. Words from the Polish Foreign Minister – not from Donald Trumpas one might guess.

Poland: Joe Biden’s election victory in the USA will be an endurance test

It is hardly surprising that the Polish government has so far been reluctant to congratulate – especially with regard to diplomatic relations. Under Trumps Administration these were always maintained. The national conservative government of Poland saw in him an international partner. Trump promised Doubt among other things, that the troops of the US Army in Poland would be increased.

Mentioned in many campaign speeches Joe Bidenthat Donald Trump worldwide autocrats support – how Doubt in Poland. The European Union had in Trump nor a partner to denounce deficits in democracy or human rights in Poland. For example, the Polish government helped the Catholic Church to divert attention from an abuse scandal. (Tobias Utz)

Rubriklistenbild: © Jacek Turczyk / dpa

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