Police violence: New video shocked France


In France, a new video has fueled a debate about police violence. The magazine “Loopsider” published recordings that are said to show three police officers beating a man massively.
The incident is said to have occurred in Paris on Saturday. According to “Loopsider”, the black music producer Michel was on the street without the corona protective mask required in Paris. When he saw a police car, he quickly went to the production studio, the producer told the magazine.
The recordings of the surveillance camera in the studio should now show how the three policemen follow the man and push him through the door. You can see them beating Michel in the entrance of the studio for several minutes.

He claims to have been racially insulted by the police several times and to have called for help. “I didn’t understand what was happening,” said Michel “Loopsider”. He asked himself if they were real police officers at all. Michel finally managed to alert musicians in the studio basement.

Later pictures show the producer with massive injuries. According to “Loopsider”, the police said that Michel had resisted and was violent.

The AFP news agency reports that Frédéric Veaux, head of the national police, has already temporarily dismissed the three officers. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had previously called for a suspension.

Already the second video within a few days

The incident came amid a debate over a new law to restrict video footage of police operations. The lower house of parliament has already adopted the draft, now the Senate has to vote on it. Only at the beginning of the week had videos of a brutal eviction of a migrant camp in Paris caused dismay.
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