Porsche: Taycan driver underestimates acceleration and wrecks super sports cars on the doorstep – crass video


The Porsche Taycan made headlines with its brute performance. This poses a real challenge for some drivers.

  • With the Porsche Taycan The Stuttgart sports car maker has made a spectacular electric debut.
  • On Youtube now provides a Video for a stir.
  • Because the driver is obviously inattentive for a moment, the Taycan pulls unstoppable the.

Munich – When the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer Porsche brings a new model to market, the media excitement is huge. All over the world, trade magazines, newspapers and bloggers report breathlessly about performance, road holding and the number of exhaust pipes. But with hardly anyone else Porsche* The response in the past few years was probably as big as for the model Porsche Taycan. With the super sports car, which has been available since the end of 2019, the VW* Daughter ushered in the age of e-mobility – with performance that was hardly imaginable until a few years ago.

The one brings a breathtaking 761 hp Taycan Turbo S on the scales and a brute torque of 1050 Newton meters. If you are crazy enough to fully step on the accelerator and have the necessary runway to do so, you can shoot to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. The feeling of acceleration, write the experts of the industry journal Auto, Motor, Sport with a view of the silent drive monster dazed, like “a wrecking ball” that shifts consciousness.

Porsche Taycan: Spectacular video causes a stir on YouTube

You have to get used to it first. How dangerous the tremendous propulsion from the Porsche-Galaxy may be just had to be one Taycan-Drivers in Great Britain experience painfully. This is shown in a spectacular video that is causing a stir on YouTube. After that was the Porsche-Driver from a residential street very carefully turned right into a slightly sloping driveway and stayed there for seven seconds.

Then the brand new accelerated Porsche Taycan completely surprising, rammed a parked van on the neighboring property, shot over a 1.30 high wall, flew onto the roof of a parked 1er BMW*, toppled over and finally came to a stop on the pedestrian walkway on the right. The accident video published on YouTube now has a good 300,000 views.

Porsche Taycan Crash: “If possible, please turn around”

Most of the users were amused by the video. “Honey, I’m home!” Commented one user. In other entries it was said, “Christmas ruined”, or: “And the navigation system like this: If possible, please turn around”. Another wanted to know whether this was a new feature from the latest “over-the-air update”. The update for the Taycan had with many in the summer Tesla* Fans amused.

The real reason for the mishap could simply be an oversight. So the driver should Taycan I picked it up from the dealer just two hours beforehand and then wanted to show it to friends, wrote one user Taycanforum.com citing residents near the accident site. Then the driver is said to have been on the brakes in the uphill driveway to get something from the back seat. He accidentally hit the gas pedal. Before he could react, be that Taycan completely surprisingly raced off. * Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen Digital editorial network.

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