Predictable? This bachelorette boy is flying off dream dates


There were only three left! Today the home dates were on the program at Die Bachelorette with rose distributor Melissa (25). But because of the current health situation, these could not take place traditionally. Instead, the family members of the remaining boys traveled to Crete. So could Melissa learn more about their top four. At the end of the episode, however, only three guys were able to make it to the next round and thus qualify for the dream dates.

After a rather difficult date with Moritz Breuninger, the fate of the beautiful boy seemed already sealed – and indeed sent Melissa the 31-year-old home. Compared to the other three dates with Leander (23), Daniel (25) and Ioannis (30), where they kissed passionately, there was from Moritz (31) just a little smack that Melissa could “not classify”. “Moritz didn’t get a rose because I think it wouldn’t have been enough for a relationship”, the beauty explained her decision after his exit.

So now just fight Leander Sacher, Daniel Häusle and Ioannis Amanatidis for the favor of Bachelorette Melissa. For this, the rose lady is traveling to the island of Santorini with her remaining dream men.

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Bachelorette-Boy Moritz Breuninger
Bachelorette Melissa Damilia
Moritz, Leander, Daniel, Ioannis and Melissa on “Die Bachelorette”

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