Pregnancy update: Amira has gained so much so far


Amira Pocher (28) in the pregnancy talk! In June, the Austrian and her husband Oliver Pocher (42) surprised their fans with good news: Just a few months after the birth of their first child, the two are expecting a baby again. Even if the couple usually keep all information about their offspring private, Amira occasionally shares a small detail with her community. Now the podcast celebrity has revealed how much she gained during pregnancy.

“I currently have ten kilos plus and a few weeks ahead of me”the 28-year-old answers in a Instagram-Question round. Will she top the weight gain from her first pregnancy by the time her son is born? After all, your baby bump should still grow a bit. At that time, the late night show presenter had weighed a total of twelve kilograms more.

But it shouldn’t be too long before baby number two sees the light of day. The Pocher addition could possibly even be born this year. In the Q&A, Amira also reveals that the planned delivery date is towards the end of December or beginning of January. “It could be both, you don’t know exactly”she emphasizes.

Amira and Oliver Pocher
Amira Pocher in October 2020
Amira Pocher im Juli 2020

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