PS5: Metal Gear Solid & Silent Hill


PlayStation 5 has only just appeared worldwide and players are already starving for big titles. Even though Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Demon’s Souls are definitely huge games that show their best side on the PlayStation 5. Gamers are greedy for more. So you’re sure to be happy to hear that apparently both Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill as new PS5 exclusives should come.

Metal Gear Solid 5 – (C) Konami

Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill would be perfect for the PS5

The rumors about you Silent Hill title on PS5 have been simmering for a long time and now comes Metal Gear Solid to. But where does this info come from and why is it more than just a rumor now? Silent Hill has long been waiting for the console to return. The horror fans have a good eye on everything that happens here. Some important creative minds of the original creative team are probably involved in the new project. The rumors even go as far as that Hideo Kojima could even be on board the unconfirmed Silent Hill plant. At this point, however, not a single proof has leaked that can confirm this in black and white.

According to what is usually a very reliable source, the tech podcaster Moore’s Law is Dead, Konami is not only planning Silent Hill, but is ready to do that Which is already there and the same goes for Metal Gear Solid! For us that means that we just have to wait for the reveal. He does not name his sources, but it is probably about information confirmed by insiders that he already had, but never published, because these confirmations were missing.

Silent Hill - (C) Konami

Silent Hill – (C) Konami

Remakes or new games?

In his podcast he says that it is uncertain whether these will be new parts of the game series or whether the games will experience a great remaster like Demon’s Souls is currently doing. The cooperation between Sony and Konami goes back years and until now has been a guarantee for games that will delight fans. Due to the newly opened possibilities with the new PlayStation, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill have the opportunity to become visual and playful masterpieces on the PS5! He talks about it on his podcast at 1:47:31.

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