PS5 photos for 1,000 euros? Ebay wants to prevent brazen fraud


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Playstation 5 greed also attracts scammers, including those who offer PS5 photos at top prices. Ebay now wants to take action against it. But that is not that easy.

At the official launch of the Playstation 5 on November 19, the Sony console was sold out in no time. Now scammers are trying to cash in with the desire of many fans for a PS5. On the one hand, so-called scalpers have apparently secured consoles with the help of bots and are selling them at excessive prices. But the attempt to make customers pay for photos of the new Playstation or empty boxes is even bolder.

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PS5 photos and empty boxes on Ebay

Such fraudulent offers are currently piling up on Ebay, as Winfuture writes. For example, a seller asks for a photo of a PS5 still in its original packaging in one case up to 999 euros for immediate purchase. Empty PS5 boxes are also offered. According to Eurogamer, there are several dozen offers with PS5 photos, some with realistic bids.

PS5 photo: Offer on (Screenshot: Ebay / t3n)

Our short research on found only a few corresponding offers, all of which had no bids. It looked a little different on There were a few bids there, but many indicated that high fake bids were made here so that no sale could be made. In all of them, both the title and the description stated that you were bidding on a photo. However, real attempts at fraud cannot be found with a quick search.

Ebay wants to take action against fake offers

According to Eurogamer, Ebay has announced its intention to prevent fraudulent offers with PS5 photos. You condemn these kinds of salespeople who try to mislead others, according to Ebay. One is in the process of removing all offers for photos from the PS5 from the marketplace. But that has not happened so far. At least not in full. Ebay is likely to reach its limits when trying to remove the photos. After all, the sellers of the offers we have seen clearly indicate that they are only photos.

PS5: The Quasimodo among consoles in the test

A much bigger problem is likely to be PS5 offers on Ebay or other platforms that do not show at first or second glance that it is a photo or an empty box. In Great Britain at least, after deliveries began, complaints from buyers who received completely different products instead of Sony’s Nextgen console, such as cat food or other electrical appliances, increased. Some also received an empty box.

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