PS5: Scalper team snatches 3,500 consoles away from fans – no trace of regret


A scalper team grabbed 3,500 consoles on release day, while many PlayStation fans went empty-handed. But no trace of regret.

  • The Release the PS5 took place in Japan, the USA and Mexico on November 12th.
  • Some online shops in the US were on Release With Bots to fight that crashed the web pages.
  • Lots PlayStation Fans therefore again came away empty-handed.

Update from November 27, 2020: The Buyers behind the 3,500 consoles have now revealed themselves. Behind the Purchases the PS5 Large quantities contain a specific concept and a whole grouping. On your Facebook-Page declared the Scalperhow they look at the huge number PS5s came. They prove it Scalper no sensitivity and really celebrate for their approach. The PlayStation-Community is shocked and angry at the same time because of many Fans also the Bots didn’t get a console.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Scalpers grab over 3,500 consoles and are proud of it

The Scalper claim they are the 3,500 consoles never bought illegally. Your Members have just been well prepared and have the button to buy the on several screens PS5 manually pressed. Therefore, they rightly believe the many Sony-Consoles to have come.

Also would have Members with the earned money Can settle debts, as well as essential items like eating out during the Coronapandemie can finance. Therefore they proclaim: We have no regrets. It remains to be seen how they do so many Consoles could procure, others who PS5 Buying away in front of your nose and offering them at exorbitant prices on the Internet is not the best way to go. That’s why they are Fans under the Facebook-Posting rightly annoyed.

Buy a PS5: Bots snatch up thousands of consoles – fans angry

Update from November 25, 2020: The concern that Bots Fans the PS5 snap away seemed justified. Lots Fans went in the last Pre-order wave the PS5 on the day of Releases again empty. The high demand could not yet be met with the new quotas. Fans were the Bots helpless. A single Buyers has according to Buisness Insider Bots whole 3,500 consoles Bought. A pathetic act that Fans deeply angry. Because BuyersThose who go this way try the later PS5 with a considerable surcharge on platforms such as eBay to get rid of it again.

Came so close today from r/PS5

The one who does this Bots are also used in specialist circles Scalper called. These strike especially when the demand greatly exceeds the supply. Because then they have supposedly easy tickets for their goods, even with one Surcharge to be able to sell again. Lots Fans are upset about that Sony not more meticulous against that Bots proceeds – for example through account-linked purchases. As Buyers Unfortunately, there is not much you can do against them yourself Bots Companies. The only thing that helps: you shouldn’t be tempted to look at the Reseller deals enter into, then at some point they will no longer be profitable. For now it stays PS5 but unfortunately sold out.

First report from November 17, 2020: Hamburg, Germany – The PS5 has been on everyone’s lips for months and is in great demand. Because despite two waves of pre-orders, many left Fans so far empty. All the greater was the anticipation of the Release the PlayStation 5which took place on November 12th in the USA, Japan and Mexico. But the Release was from Bots overshadowed and brought Fans to despair. The same fate threatens us now to the German Release the PlayStation?

PS5: online shop pages crash for release – hardly a chance to get hold of a PS5

Due to the current pandemic, Sony is driving at this year’s Release the PS5 a slightly different course. In order to protect your customers and avoid chains of infection, the PS5 is only sold online and not, as usual, in local retail stores. Thus can Fans from the comfort of your home PlayStation 5 on the day of Releases order and don’t have to camp in front of the shops to get one Consoles to be able to hold in your hands immediately. So you would think that the Release the PlayStation is more relaxed, after all, you can order relaxed from the sofa at home. In the USA was there on Releasetag however, a big problem.

Since numerous Fans already none during the pre-order phase PS5 Of course, many were at the various American online shops at midnight on November 12th and tried one Consoles to buy. Although the dealers on a large rush of the Fans they had probably not expected these dimensions. The Walmart site crashed within a very short time and resulted in long loading times during the purchase process of the PS5. But how is it that one of the largest American retailers could not cope with the flood of buyers?

PS5: Bots bought PlayStation 5 inventory – resellers are now selling consoles for double the price

There was a tiny problem with the rush: Many buyers weren’t human, they were Bots, specially designed to skip lines, avoid waiting times and at inhuman speed Consoles to buy. While Fans So they had to fill out their contact details or wait for the shopping cart to finally load Bots already several PS5 consoles bought and the inventory was sold out. This problem already appeared on the Nintendo Switch and sneaker fans can tell a song about it. Because the Bots are particularly often used for rare sneaker drops such as Yeezys.

PS5: release of bots overshadowed – also German buyers in danger?

© Sony Interavtice Entertainment / pixabay (Montage)

Reseller buy using the Bots Lots of sneakers, or in our case PlayStation 5 consoles (Buy PS5 *), and then sell them for a much higher price on portals like eBay or even Instagram. So are PS5 consoles currently available on eBay for $ 800 to $ 1000. Buyers would have to pay twice as much as in retail. As many Fans as soon as possible Consoles want to dust off, the business is worth it for some Reseller. Now you might wonder why Walmart and other online retailers aren’t against this Bots Action. Many retailers now even have their own software in order to Bot-Avoid purchases. However, it is Bot-Scene clever and extremely fast, so that such software can easily be bypassed.

PS5: Bots also in German retail? Fans are very concerned

It remains to be seen whether we will go to the German Release the PS5 will have the same problems. For all Fansthat misses out, there is unfortunately no good news either. Because Sony has not yet announced whether and when the PS5– Inventories are replenished. Then you can only wait and drink tea. All the one PlayStation 5 could not only get hold of the Consoles look forward to extremely fast loading times. In addition, Sony has eliminated an extremely annoying time waster so that you can gamble even faster.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony Interavtice Entertainment / pixabay (Montage)

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