PS5: Secret Controller Function – Few console gamers know it


The new DualSense controller has also appeared with the PS5. However, only a few console players are familiar with this feature of the mute button.

  • The PS5 had on 19. November a turbulent one Launch in Germany.
  • Only now is a previously almost unknown one slowly spreading Controller Feature.
  • Fans are completely thrilled – this is how you can do it Feature of DualSense use.

Hamburg, Germany – Sony celebrated a confused but quite successful one Launch the PS5. A week earlier, Japan, the USA and Co. were allowed to run and put the console through its paces. Still is a Feature of the associated DualSense Controllers many Fans so far gone by the rags and is only slowly gaining popularity worldwide. So that the good news gets around a little faster, we’ll show you what has remained under the radar so far Feature plugged.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Unknown controller feature exposed – this is how you use it

Many wanted them, but not all got them – but sales of the PS5 at launch broke all records. When there was such a high demand, that was PS5 sold out quite quickly and not all Fans were able to get their hands on the latest because of the rather chaotic ordering phases Sony console to get. It is extremely popular PS5 also because of their DualSense Controllers become. It has sneaked into one of the fan favorites and features many groundbreaking ones Features. Haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the are often mentioned PS5-Controllers, but now he can also work with another, relatively hidden one Feature score.

The Feature, which cannot be discovered straight away, depends on the mute function of the PS5-Controllers together. The DualSense has, like pretty much everyone Fans namely, an integrated microphone is known. Simply by briefly pressing the microphone button below the PS button of the Controllers it can be muted and of course switched on again. Is the Controller the PS5 orange the microphone is switched off successfully.

PS5: Unknown controller feature surfaced – fans are thrilled

© PlayStation / Pixabay (Montage)

So far, so good, but did you also know that you can press the microphone button on the PS5-Controller his TV can also ask? All you have to do is hold the button a little longer and voilà: the one on the PS5 connected TV makes no more sounds.

PS5: Unknown controller feature surfaced – fans are thrilled

Fans love this Feature so much so that they enjoyed it on an entire Reddit thread. It’s also extremely practical – instead of cramped arms, you can simply press a button TV Switch to mute if you have to take a phone call, for example. Generally they are Fans very with that DualSense Controller satisfied. It’s more than just a nice gimmick for them PS5.

The mute button is AMAZING! from r/PS5

At the latest with the secret function is the DualSense on the popularity of the PlayStation-Controller climbed to number one. The only thing missing would be a colored version of the PS5-Controllers. So far there is to the PS5 just the plain white design. Said in a FAQ Sony, although there will be colored alternatives in the future, it is not yet known when. However, it appears unlikely to appear before 2021. The Fans tinkered, but still busy and came up with new console designs for the PS5.

Rubriklistenbild: © PlayStation / Pixabay (Montage)

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