PS5: Sony San Diego not closed


As has now been made clear, the reports that the Sony San Diego Studios would be closed are not true. Instead, the studio is still active and is already working on a new project.

In the past few days, rumors have been spreading that Sony Interactive Entertainment may have decided to close its San Diego, California office.

The senior game designer John Bautista, who decided to leave the Sony San Diego Studios, caused the corresponding speculations. In his tweet, he pointed out that things weren’t going well while at Sony San Diego. At the same time it was said that Sony San Diego was “a great company”. An unfortunate formulation that caused the rumors of the last few days.

Sony San Diego is working on a new project

In order to take the wind out of the sails of the current rumors and speculations, Bautista spoke up again via Twitter. It is said that his first tweet was completely misinterpreted. Accordingly, Sony San Diego was by no means closed. Quite the opposite, in fact: A new project is currently being worked on, but Bautista was unable or unwilling to comment in more detail.

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In the last few months, however, the rumor arose that Sony San Diego could work on a new offshoot of the “Uncharted” series. The stumbling block: Selected creative minds who previously worked at Naughty Dog on the “Uncharted” series and switched to Sony San Diego.

A new “Uncharted” has not yet been officially confirmed.

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