Public transport rescue package: More money for local transport – Stuttgart


Fares are a source of income for transport companies. Photo: Lichtgut / Leif Piechowski

The rescue package for the transport companies must also be opened in 2021. But that does not absolve politicians from ensuring future-proof funding, says our editor Thomas Durchdenwald.

Stuttgart – The “begging letters” of the Association of Transport Companies for a new rescue package in 2021; the tariff increase in the VVS by 2.66 percent, which will be decided on this Tuesday in the committees; the strike on light rail vehicles and buses in October – at first glance these very different events may not have anything to do with each other. But if you look behind the scenes of local public transport, you will see at least one connection: the financing of the system, in which federal, state and city transport companies are active, is reaching its limits.

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