Quarrel about Kay Ray in Hamburg: “A lie!” Now the Schmidt Theater is expressing itself


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The dispute over Kay Ray continues: the Schmidt Theater had ended its collaboration with the provocative comedian because employees felt offended and harassed by one of his performances. Kay Ray appeals to artistic freedom and demands a clear justification – now the Schmidt Theater has expressed itself.

After the performance on October 4, there were a number of complaints from employees who felt harassed and offended, the theater had informed the artist in writing – and did not extend the expiring contract. The theater had described a conversation about it as “not appropriate”, as Kay Ray always emphasized “that in principle art is allowed to do anything”.

Kay Ray and the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg: dispute escalates

At the show, Kay Ray made vulgar jokes about Turks, among other things – and suspected that “waitresses and waiters of the Muslim faith” were behind the complaints.

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Now the theater contradicts in a statement: “There is no complaint from a Muslim employee who felt attacked because of his belief.” That was “simply a lie”. When asked by MOPO, it was said that the joke about Turks was not decisive either.

Why did Kay Ray have to go?

However, the theater does not want to say what the reason for the termination of the engagement is – to protect the employees who had complained, it is said to justify.

The entertainer Kay Ray likes to provoke.

For Kay Ray, that is not enough: “Wasn’t it a Muslim who felt offended? Or did he just not feel offended because of his belief? (…) Dear Schmidt Theater, now butter for the fish: why exactly did I have to go? ”

But the Schmidts Tivoli does not want to lead this discussion – and points out that it is free to decide who appears on its stages. In terms of content, the theater is not behind what Kay Ray is performing on stage. All the dates agreed had taken place. The coming and going of artists has been part of the everyday life of Schmidt and many other theaters for over 30 years.

Schmidt Theater in Hamburg complains about Shitstorm

In addition, the theater makers around Corny Littmann criticize the fact that right-wing populists from the AfD, among others, exploit the case. “It becomes dangerous when a baseless rumor suddenly becomes a supposed fact. When the self-proclaimed, right-wing radical guardians of Germanness crawl out of their holes and flood our guest book and our Facebook page with insults and hateful comments. ”

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