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Raimondo Ponte remembers his time with Diego Maradona


When Raimondo Ponte (65) learns of Maradona’s death, he begins to cry. «That Diego had to die so early makes me sad. Suddenly all the experiences and events from before are there again. ”

It is in January 1985 when the native Neapolitan Ponte lets his contacts play and after his ligament rupture is allowed to do his rehab at SSC Naples. They are happy at GC, so their midfield star is fit again at the start of training in Zurich. Ponte trained with Napoli for two months. With Diego Maradona. A few months after the Argentine was received like a messiah by 85,000 people in the San Paolo stadium. Ponte shows a photo that shows him side by side with the football god in San Paolo. “The way he stands there, with the open shoes, that’s how he trained. Sometimes Diego’s shoes flew through the air. “

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