Rapper trial on the brink: Fler reports unable to negotiate


Because of a whole list of criminal allegations, musician Fler is currently in the dock of the Berlin district court. Actually, the process goes into the next round today, but the defendant presents a certificate. The process threatens to be reopened.
The trial against the rapper Fler in a Berlin district court has been interrupted because the musician is ill. The 38-year-old’s defense had submitted a certificate according to which the defendant was currently incapable of standing, the presiding judge announced. To avoid a stay of the proceedings, another attempt at negotiation should be made on November 27th. Should Fler, real name Patrick Losensky, still not be able to appear due to illness, the proceedings would have to be suspended and restarted.

The trial at the Berlin-Tiergarten district court involves a number of criminal offenses. The Berlin rapper is accused of insulting, damaging property, attempted coercion and driving without a license.

Alleged insults

The public prosecutor’s office assumes that the accused repeatedly insults different people. On the Internet he described another artist as a “bastard” and a “disgusting dog”. According to the indictment, the musician is said to have repeatedly cursed police officers for several minutes. He is said to have threatened a journalist to knock his teeth out.

On the first day of the trial on November 4, Fler remained silent about the allegations. One of the defense lawyers had stated that the alleged insults should be seen in the light of freedom of expression and viewed in context. Insults are common in the rapper milieu and are also an expression of artistic freedom.

The judge then announced that the defendant’s doctor had confirmed on a telephone request that the musician was “at least incapable of negotiating for today’s appointment”. The extent to which an improvement will occur in the short term is speculative. November 27th would be the last day within the possible three-week break, the judge said.

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