Recall: disinfectant proves to be a highly dangerous corona protection – danger to life is imminent


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This hand gel for disinfection should no longer be used. A recall declares that further packs are at great risk.

  • Further information is now available on a recall of disinfectant gel.
  • The product was sold in packaging designs not previously shown.
  • The danger posed by the methanol it contains is serious.

Munich – These products should actually protect against Corona, but potentially put customers at risk. Hand disinfectionthat were on the shelves in Germany are now affected by a Europe-wide recall *. It is the “Disinfection hand gel“The company Mir24. Both the 50ml and 100ml pack sizes are affected.

It is this one recall loud an updated report on a product that was withdrawn from the market earlier. The following illustrations show one type of packaging that was not part of the original warning message.

These disinfectants are no longer allowed to be sold in Germany. There is a health risk.


Reason for disinfectant recalls – possible danger to life

In the products was Methanol found to be highly toxic. On the packagings the necessary ones are also missing Warning notices. That is why there was originally a preventive product recall of Mir24 Disinfection Handgel at the beginning of November. The methanol component can pose a serious hazard if it comes into contact with the skin or is even swallowed and inhaled. To the Symptoms one Methanolvergiftung include feeling weak, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and difficulty breathing. Life can be in danger!

According to the original communication from Edeka, the producer did not have permission to put the disinfectant on the market. In addition, the bottles do not have a childproof closure.

After recall: disinfectants taken from the shelves during the corona pandemic

It is not recommended to use the products. Even if one Hand disinfection While the corona pandemic * basically makes sense, customers should exchange the disinfectants in the store. A Withdrawal the product from the market has since been ordered by the authorities. The current pages in the European rapid alert systemabout which the Product recall was spread. Here you will find the information for both the 50ml pack and the 100ml pack.

In addition to protection through disinfection and a mask, the rules for contact restrictions still apply in Germany. With the changed corona rules for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, at least over the holidays there should be a relaxation. Whether other measures apply in individual cities or regions should depend on the development of the seven-day incidence. The situation is to be re-evaluated between the federal states and the federal government in December. * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network (rm)

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