Recall of water: Three types of threatening pathogens found – but the manufacturer is silent


Three types of flavored water are subject to a recall. But the manufacturer withholds information. There is a threat to health.

  • Current recall *: of which is water With taste affected.
  • Three varieties are being recalled.
  • It should be a pollution act, but the manufacturer is silent about it.

Kassel – As a delicious soft drink for in between water especially popular with taste. However, three varieties are now affected by a recall *. Consumption is strongly discouraged. The reason? There are indications of one pollution.

The company “Anna Zimmermann GmbH”, the Vilsa Group heard, informed about the recall. This applies to the products of “MINEAU fruits“In the flavors peach, cherry and strawberry. The varieties in the 0.75 liter PET bottle have a best before date of 09/07/2021 and 09/08/2021.

Name Vilsa fountain
founding 1911
Seat Bruchhausen-Vilsen

Recall of water: contamination detected in several varieties

“In the course of our quality assurance, indications of microbiological impairments determined ”, explains the manufacturer. These can lead to an atypical smell and taste. But also one Health impairment can not be excluded. That’s why customers should water do not drink with taste.

This product is affected by the recall.

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To which one Pathogen it is not communicated. So he keeps silent Manufacturer important information for patients and doctors. This may also affect appropriate medical treatment, according to the consumer portal “”.

It is also not known exactly where the product was sold. Just recently a product made similar headlines: A protective mask is being recalled – here too the manufacturer hardly gives any information on the reasons for the Callback known.

Water on call: customers get their money back

In the meantime, the recall concerned water taken out of sale. Customers who have already purchased the product can return it to a retail outlet – even without a receipt. You will receive the entire purchase price back. The company also assures that other products and batches are not affected.

Water on call: Warning before consumption, but the manufacturer gives only sparse information. (Symbol image)

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The consumer portal explains that microbiological contamination of water mostly bacteria such as Escherichia coli or faecal streptococci. This can lead to diarrhea and stomach cramps. Infection is especially common to children, the elderly, pregnant women or people with weakened immune systems dangerous. Severe courses can even lead to death. (cheese) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

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