Record for the Guinness book: Porsche Taycan – 210 laps in the drift


Records have always been a good way to put the power of a car in the right light. Entries in the Guinness Book of Records are of course even better. Whether the drift of the Porsche Taycan over 42.171 kilometers is one of them is a matter of opinion. The fact is, it was the first electric car to make it.
What can you not do to put an electric car in the right light? Porsche, for example, has now let a Taycan drive 210 laps in a circle. No, not what you think, but on the 200 meter long circular path with associated irrigation system to reduce static friction on the Hockenheimring site. So you have drifted 42.171 kilometers. Why? Well, because this Gaudi brings an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The drift record is learned under strict control.

(Photo: Porsche)

Well, it’s not that simple after all. Before the record run could start, Dekra test engineer Denis Ritzmann had to convince herself that the car was in a roadworthy series condition. At her side is the multiple European Drift Champion Joanne Brent. Sure, this is about your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

Taycan with rear-wheel drive

However, it should not go unmentioned that the Taycan used for spinning is not a model with all-wheel drive available here, but the one that has so far only been presented in China with pure rear-wheel drive. So that was also the tool for the chief instructor at the Porsche Experience Center at the Hockenheimring, Dennis Retera. Its task from Zuffenhausen was to drive a world record for the longest drift in an electric car in front of the two jurors.


Lots of water, steady feet and a sure hand brought it to the world record.

(Photo: Porsche)

And as Mr. Retera looks at his company car for the upcoming world record drive, he praises the low center of gravity provided by the battery in the underbody, looks at the long wheelbase, which promises stability when driving sideways, and overturns the power, which is rated at 761 hp and a maximum torque of 1050 Newton meters should be sufficient to bring a lot of power to the drive wheels. The standard sprint from 2.8 seconds to 100 km / h or the range of at least 388 kilometers play no role here. Retera can also safely neglect the price of just under 182,000 euros.

Drifting through the roundabout?

The only thing that counts for him is that the asphalt is watered. And despite this measure, the grip level is not the same everywhere in the circle. That doesn’t make it any easier, and Retera has to control the drift more with the steering wheel than with the accelerator. After a few laps, the 34-year-old Dutchman got the hang of it. With an average speed of 46 km / h, the man drives dizzy for 55 minutes, 42.171 kilometers and 210 laps.


Perhaps, after this record, one or two Taycan customers will want to drift through the roundabout in the future.

(Photo: Porsche)

In the end, Retera gets out of the electric car and can report the ultimate drift record for an electric car to Zuffenhausen. It can be doubted whether such a brilliant achievement contributes to the reputation of the vehicle.

Unless potential customers see themselves compelled to let their Taycan fly in any roundabout for just under an hour. And so in the end it also applies here: if you have, you can, but don’t have to.

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