Red-blue is still lacking constancy


It was supposed to be the only surprise on Sunday afternoon at Cornaredo in Lugano – the back three in the Basel defense. Although it provided a lot of momentum forward in the start phase, FCB ended up losing out due to a lack of efficiency. Once more after a past victory.

“No excuse”

Cömert, Klose and Hajdari formed the defense. Due to the many absences in defense, it was the best decision for Ciriaco Sforza. At the beginning, this was particularly evident in the forward movement. “In effect, I had the feeling that we had two or three actions at the beginning that were very, very good,” said a disappointed Valentin Stocker after the game. But after a good quarter of an hour, FC Lugano got along better and better with the Basel system and goal area scenes were in short supply.

According to Fabian Frei, the change in the back row shouldn’t be an excuse: “That it’s the first time with the three-way chain and a different system. So it is normal that it may not work 100 percent or that all automatisms are included. But we’re not the first team to change their system, as a professional footballer I think you have to be able to do that. At least if you want to play at FCB and that’s why it shouldn’t be an excuse. ”

Back into the system

In the second half, Sforza switched to the usual back four. That helped the game of Rotblau, so that the FCB came to deals again. “Yes sure. After that, the change in the second half was an advantage for us. That we could go back to our system, ”says Valentin Stocker. The Basler wanted to play for victory, but did not find the gap in the well-organized defense of the Luganesi.

In the end, FCB failed because of some unused opportunities. «We had the chance. Or did I at least feel on the pitch that there would have been two or three chances, which we have already made, »says Fabian Frei. Because FCB did not use the opportunities and was careless once in stoppage time, FCB lost again after a previous victory.

Coach Ciriaco Sforza is still proud of his team and only reproaches them on two points. “Unfortunately we didn’t do two things today: clear evaluation of chances, not used and in the ninetieth minute you have to be clear that you want to win every duel. Then we just go home with a 0-0 », said Sforza about the defeat.

«Table doesn’t lie»

However, it did not stop at 0-0 and FCB is the fourth loser in eight games. The associated fifth place in the table is quite fair.

“In the end we don’t have a point too short, I think the table doesn’t lie in the end. I think we missed out on those moments when we had a good game over the weekend or three days. And we absolutely have to make sure that we bring constancy to the pitch, ”said captain Valentin Stocker, addressing the biggest problem at the moment at FCB.

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