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Rather, the declared aim is to bring consumers into the shops, stores and bars in their area. The driving force behind the idea is the shopping center subsidiary SES, which belongs to the Spar group.

Make regional offers visible

“Many consumers increasingly want to buy locally and regionally. For this it is important that dealers and their ranges can be found online. But one often does not even know what offer is available in their immediate vicinity”, explained Christoph Andexlinger, designated COO of SES, at the presentation of

Links to foreign platforms are not desired

The new platform connects interested trade, gastronomy, service, cultural and handicraft businesses from all over Austria in order to make their locations, ranges and services visible in a concise and simple search platform. Customers and consumers would be able to shop “around the corner” more easily. “If someone also operates an online platform in addition to their stationary business, that is of course fine.” Links to online shops that are processed via foreign platforms are definitely not wanted on

Without costs, fees and advertising

The new platform is free and free of charge for entrepreneurs and customers, and entering the data only takes a few minutes. is deliberately kept ad-free, there are no price comparisons either. “We don’t earn a cent with it, on the contrary,” Andexlinger emphasized. In a first step, SES is putting “a six-figure amount” into the platform.

“We clearly see the initiative as a direct investment in Austria as a location for trade, gastronomy and services. Without these businesses it would look pretty empty in our towns and cities. We would prefer someone to buy from a competitor over the counter than sales or the tax flows abroad, “said the shopping center manager.

Online trade is growing rapidly in Austria

In fact, online trading in Austria will grow by over 17 percent this year, said Andexlinger. An estimated 4.2 billion euros in purchasing power will flow into foreign trading platforms. “We want to show consumers in Austria that shopping on international online platforms is simply not necessary – and thus preserve the quality of life in the country.”

Shop from December 5th at

Entrepreneurs can now register at; the platform will be activated for end users on Saturday, December 5th. SES – Spar European Shopping Centers – develops, builds and operates shopping streets and shopping centers and is currently active in 29 locations in six countries. In the previous year, the locations with their shops, restaurants and service providers recorded more than 112 million visitors and generated over 2.8 billion euros in gross sales.

(Those: APA)

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