Replacement Christmas market in Stuttgart: two kinds of measure? Who is allowed to sell mulled wine and who is not – Stuttgart


Mulled wine from the wooden barrel wagon is allowed in front of the old office. Photo: Mikolaj

Mulled wine is forbidden at the substitute Christmas market, the magic of Advent in the city of Stuttgart. Hosts in nearby restaurants offer the hot drink to take away. Why are others allowed to do what others are forbidden?

Stuttgart – How dangerous are the popular heat makers of winter? The city of Stuttgart wants to help the showmen, most of whom have been out of work since March, and has therefore invented Advent magic for them. This is the name of the replacement for the Christmas market, which has to be canceled this year for known reasons and started on Thursday in the city. 33 stalls that are far apart have been approved – but none with mulled wine or bratwurst. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, it is feared in the public order office, many people become careless, possibly standing so close together that the coronavirus can easily be infected.

There is also “Hot Hugo”, “Hot Aperol” and “Hot Jacky”

Despite the ban on mulled wine for the stalls, the seasonal national drink has not disappeared from the city. At Schlossplatz alone there are five stations where mulled wine to go is sold – or “Hot Hugo”, “Hot Aperol” and “Hot Jacky”. Whether under the stairs of the Schlossplatz, in front of the art museum, in the Königsbau or in a barrel-like stand at the Alte Kanzlei – for a price between three and four euros there is plenty of hot with percentages. Mark Roschmann, the President of the Showmen’s Association, does not want the restaurateurs, who are also in need, to be banned from the business of heated wine, which in addition to cinnamon and sugar also contains lucky ingredients. But he also says that one should “not use two standards”.

What the city says about the innkeepers selling mulled wine

The showman president fears that “this unequal treatment” could have consequences. “Some gastro sales stands do not adhere so strictly to hygiene regulations,” Roschmann observed, “if this leads to a further increase in the number of infections, it affects everyone, including the showmen without mulled wine, who may then have to close their huts.”

City hall spokeswoman Jasmin Bühler refers to the “current Corona regulation of the state, which prohibits the operation of the hospitality industry with the exception of out-of-home sales as well as pick-up and delivery services”. The take-away service is important for them so that innkeepers can at least partially still work and earn money. “On this basis, some restaurants are currently also selling mulled wine to take away,” says the spokeswoman. The situation is legally different with the Christmas stalls serving mulled wine, which in the past provided for a bar for consumption on the spot, which is currently not possible.

“Even if this concept were to be changed, the operators would need a separate license for serving alcohol, that is, a permit,” explains Jasmin Bühler, “but this is already legally excluded without the cause of an event.” In addition, this could be “for infectious reasons Reasons ”are currently not even granted.

“Just a drop in the bucket”

However, the landlords don’t do the big fritter with the mulled wine to go, as one of them emphasizes. “It’s just a drop in the bucket,” says the landlord, “when you consider the income we lose.” The restaurateur expects controls by the regulatory authority. “We are not allowed to set up standing stands,” he says, “and we have to make sure that our customers run away with the cup.”

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