Restrictions extended: Merkel: “Need another effort”


Restrictions extended
Merkel: “Need another effort”

The November restrictions by the federal and state governments are taking effect. But they are not enough. The corona infection numbers are still too high. This is why the restrictions are being extended and in some cases even tightened.
The federal and state governments are extending the restrictions in view of the unchanged high number of corona infections. “We need another effort,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel after hours of joint consultations. “Patience, solidarity and discipline will be put to the test again.” At the same time, a number of requirements are being tightened.

The federal and state governments agreed that the previous restrictions had broken the exponential increase in infections, Merkel said. “But we cannot be satisfied with this partial success.” The number of infections “remains at too high a level”. In view of this one is not able to “lift restrictions”.

That is why it is still important to avoid all non-mandatory contacts and to refrain from mandatory travel, she said. In addition, private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances are limited to a maximum of five people from your own household and one other household. Children up to 14 years of age are not covered by the regulation.

There are very narrow exceptions for Christmas. “It mustn’t be a festival of solitude,” said the Chancellor.

More on the resolutions shortly.

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