Right-wing extremism suspected in the Berlin fire brigade – BZ Berlin


A photo that was recorded in a room of the Berlin fire brigade is said to show a firefighter in front of an NPD poster. The employee was previously noticed with a presumed discriminatory insult.

The Berlin fire brigade is examining allegations of extremism against an employee. According to a media report, he should represent “right-wing conservative values”, as the fire brigade announced on Monday evening. “There is a photo that is supposed to show the fire brigade members in front of an NPD poster for the 2009 Bundestag election.”

The preliminary internal examination showed that the photo was taken on the premises of the Berlin fire brigade. These have since been redesigned. The NPD election poster is also no longer there, the message said.

Allegedly insulted migrant patients

In addition, according to the media report, the employee is said to have insulted “a patient with a migrant background” during a deployment in June 2018, the fire department said. The fire brigade was aware of the incident and criminal investigations had been discontinued.

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The Berlin fire brigade took the allegations “very seriously”, the message said. They would “pull out all the stops to solve this case”.

“Any manifestations of anti-democratic thinking and acting have no place with us”, was quoted state fire director Karsten Homrighausen.

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