Rockenbauch wants to put pressure on the new Stuttgart OB


The candidate Hannes Rockenbauch (SÖS / Linke parliamentary group), who was clearly inferior in the Stuttgart mayor election, wants to put pressure on the new mayor in the local council. After counting almost all the votes on Sunday evening, Frank Nopper (CDU) will be. Together with the Greens and the SPD, he wanted to lay the foundations in the local council so that Nopper had to tackle issues such as affordable rents, climate change and the traffic turnaround, said Rockenbauch on the Stuggi.TV station. “Then we can – I think – tell Frank Nopper where to go.” The OB has only one vote out of 60.

After the first ballot, Rockenbauch, Veronika Kienzle (Greens) and the independent candidate Marian Schreier tried to forge an alliance in the center-left camp with a single candidate for the second election. That failed – Kienzle withdrew, the two men competed again. Rockenbauch emphasized again on Sunday that he would have been a joint candidate for Kienzle. From his point of view, the result shows that candidates who address what science demands are considered too radical and incapable of affiliation.

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