Romain Grosjeans accident: media speak of a Formula 1 miracle


Formel 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has won the Bahraini Grand Prix, which was overshadowed by a fire accident. The Mercedes driver secured his eleventh win of the season in Sakhir on Sunday. After a crash by Haas driver Romain Grosjean, the third last race of the year was long interrupted. According to initial studies, the Frenchman was largely unscathed.

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„The Guardian“: “Romain Grosjean, climbing out of a blazing fireball and the bent wreckage of his car, managed what could be described as a miracle escape at the Bahraini Grand Prix. (…) The haunting, violent and horrific dimensions of the accident were hideous, and yet Grosjean was relatively unscathed, a remarkable testament to the tireless pursuit of safety in the sport.

„Daily Mail“: “Lewis Hamilton strolled to the 11th win of the season at the action-packed Bahraini Grand Prix on Sunday. (…) However, the race was marred by Romain Grosjean’s terrible accident on the first lap, after which red flags were waved. “

„The Telegraph“: “Romain Grosjean’s accident inferno is a reminder that death is only a second away”


“Le Figaro”: “The French driver had a terrible start to the race with an accident in which his car caught fire. Amazingly, it is whole and unharmed. Like a miracle.”

“The Team”: “Lewis Hamilton’s happiness has been torpedoed. No smile as he got out of his single seater. (…) It is not easy to look forward to a 95th Formula 1 victory, the eleventh of the current season, when a driver – Romain Grosjean – could have lost his life without an absolute miracle on the track. “


“Brand”: “The Halo, a Guardian Angel”

“The sports world”: “Hamilton won on the track, but the big winners in Bahrain were Grosjean and all of F1 after the Frenchman survived a terrible accident.”


“Corriere dello Sport”: “GP Bahrain, umpteenth Ferrari disappointment: Hamilton wins. Rescue thanks to the body – the key rule for safety. “

“The Republic”: “Technology, reflexes and luck – that’s how Grosjean thought.”

“Gazzetta dello Sport”: “Bianchi’s death changed Formula One. Crash tests and driver protection are great. “

“The print”: “Grosjean saved by a miracle.”


“Courier”: “Phoenix Romain Grosjean. The French will rise from the flames on Sunday. With minor injuries, the 34-year-old survived an accident that has not been seen in Formula 1 for years. “


“Look”: “The fact that Romain Grosjean got away with only minor injuries after his horror accident on the 1st of Advent can definitely be described as a miracle.”

“Tages-Anzeiger”: “Fire accident shocks Formula 1 – Hamilton wins in desert chaos”

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