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The score between FC Lugano and FC Basel

FC Lugano

FC Basel

Goal 92 ‘Bottani

94′Playing Playing
Goal for FC Lugano: Bottani hits in the last second. With that the FCB loses and goes home with 0 points. This ticker is over.
Lugano is awarded another corner. This flank does not pose a threat to the Basel goal either.
The FCB comes to a corner. Stocker brings the flank in the middle. But Lugano can clarify there.
Lugano changes again: Guerrero leaves the game. Facchinetti replaces him.
After a one-two with Stocker, Pululu is felled in the penalty area. The referee lets the game go. The VAR does not intervene either.
Stocker launches Van Wolfswinkel. This is alone in front of the Lugano gate. At the last moment his shot can still be blocked at the expense of a corner kick. This then no longer poses any danger.
69′Substitution Substitution
The FCB changes for the second time. Julian Vonmoos goes out. Afimico Pululu comes in.
Lugano receives a corner kick. The ball comes in the middle. There Covilo comes to the header. Heinz Lindner can just parry the ball. The second corner is then no longer dangerous. The FCB comes to a counterattack. Kasami launches Cabral. Baumann can slide in between at the last moment.
64′Substitution Substitution
Lugano makes double changes Macek and Lungoyi go out. Guidotti and Bottani are new to the game.
Lugano comes to a side free kick. The flank in the middle does not pose any danger.
The FCb shows a nice combination: Kasami and Vonmoos get the ball into the middle of Stocker. This pulls off directly. The shot comes too weak. So Baumann has no trouble in the Lugano gate.
After a throw-in for Lugano, the people of Basel sleep. It is executed quickly and the ball comes dangerously in front of the Basel goal. Heinz Lindner can clarify the situation.
Stocker crosses in the middle. Van Wofswinkel hits the ball with his head there, but cannot control it. Therefore, the ball flies clearly past the goal.
Ricky van Wolfswinkel leaves two players behind and clears Arthur Cabral in the penalty area. This hangs up for Julian Vonmoos. This hits the ball over the Lugano goal.
45′Kickoff Kickoff
The game goes on. The FCB changes to the break. Padula goes out. Van der Werff comes in.
47′Pause Pause
The first half is over. The teams go into break with a goalless draw.
Alexander Gerndt pulls from the edge of the penalty area. The shot just missed the left post.
Now there is an outnumbered situation for FCB. Arthur Cabral carries the ball forward. His passport is too imprecise. The Brazilian calls for a penalty. The referee does not whistle and the VAR does not intervene either.
FCB is finally on the offensive again: Julian Vonmoos crosses from the right into the middle. The ball finds Arthur Cabral’s head. This puts the header but just next to the goal.
Hajdari with a buck in his own penalty area. He plays the ball straight into the feet of a Luganesi. Timm Klose can clarify at the last moment.
Now Lugano is pressing the accelerator. The Ticino cross dangerous into the Basel penalty area several times. The FCB was able to free every time. But Lugano is now much better at the game.
Hajdari sees the yellow card. The Basel central defender is way too late. Annoying for Lugano: There could have been an advantage because Gerndt had the ball and a lot of freedom.
The game flattened a little after a fast-paced 15 minutes. Lugano tries to travel the game to itself and lets the ball run well. Basel is trying to find a deal more quickly – but so far without success.
Lugano comes to the biggest chance of the game so far. Lungoyi gets a shot in the penalty area. But this could still be blocked to a corner. He became a counterattack for the Basler. Padula can approach goalkeeper Baumann from the side alone. But he clearly warps next to the gate.
Stocker plays a one-two with Cabral and pulls straight away. The shot is blocked at the expense of a corner kick. The subsequent corner kick is then no longer dangerous.
Lugano comes dangerously in front of the Basler Tor for the first time. The ball comes into the middle via the left attacking side. Eray Cömert can clarify there.
0′Kickoff Kickoff
The game begins with the face-off for FCB.
Both teams are on the field. Before the game begins, there is a minute’s silence.
The line-up – FC Basel

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