RTL presenter falls victim to cyber attack


Birgit von Bentzel was the victim of a cyber attack. As she reported in an interview, criminals have hijacked her Instagram page. But the RTL presenter did not respond to the blackmailer’s request.

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Sports presenter Birgit von Bentzel was hacked and blackmailed. The 51-year-old now reports in an interview with her local broadcaster RTL. Accordingly, all content on her Instagram page disappeared last week. She noticed that something was wrong and then found a blackmail email in her mailbox.

There she was asked for a ransom. The blackmailers wrote that their account had been blocked and that everything would be deleted if she did not respond within two hours. As reported by Bentzel, she ignored the email, whereupon she received further messages. Finally, the senders demanded 200 euros from the moderator – paid in bitcoins.

The television worker who also works for n-tv did not pay and the threat was put into practice. Your Instagram account has not been accessible since then. The page “is black, you can no longer find me. Everything has been deleted,” said von Bentzel in an interview. You will now take a break from Instagram. But in order to be better prepared for future cyber attacks, she has already adjusted all of her passwords.

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