RTX 3060 Ti – Gigabyte lineup leaked on Chinese platform


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A leaker has shown the lineup of the manufacturer Gigabyte in a video for the upcoming Geforce RTX 3060 Ti. Thus, interested parties can take a look at the new graphics cards apart from any rendered images even before the official announcement. A market launch is expected shortly.

Already yesterday we reported that through entries in the databases of various dealers a whole series of upcoming graphics cards with Geforce RTX 3060 Ti chip had come to light in advance. Now a leaker called “Ninety-Seven Percent” goes one step further on the Chinese social media platform Bilibili and shows the lineup of the manufacturer Gigabyte in a detailed video.

Four gigabytes for a hallelujah

The four models are named Eagle OC, Gaming OC, Gaming OC Pro and Aorus Master. The Eagle OC is the only dual-fan model shown in the video. It therefore remains to be seen whether Gigabyte is planning more cards with this fan configuration. The card occupies 2 slots in the case, is satisfied with an 8-pin connector and – like the other three cards – is overclocked at the factory using the Nvidia reference values. In this case the boost clock is 1695 MHz.

A Pro model will also appear at Gaming OC. The non-pro edition is also satisfied with a single 8-pin connector, unfortunately there are no clock information here. The Pro model now draws electricity with an 8-pin and an additional 6-pin plug from the domestic socket and, unlike its little brother, also uses 3 slots. Here the boost clock is 1770 MHz, which is 105 MHz above the reference values.

The Aorus Master is the flagship and comes with the triple-fan configuration known from the Aorus cards, in which the middle fan is behind the two outer copies. Here, too, there is the 8 + 6 configuration for the power connection. Not surprisingly, the card can boast the highest boost clock – 1800 MHz, 135 MHz more than Nvidia itself.

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After the technical data of the # RTX3060Ti were confirmed yesterday, the first benchmarks from Ashes of the Singularity and Geekbench come today.

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