Rudy Giuliani: Front fighter for Donald Trump reaps head shaking


In the fight for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani has put himself in a position from which there is hardly any turning back. Giuliani shakes his head in the face of a series of crashing defeats in court.

  • Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, does not want to admit defeat.
  • Despite massive legal rejections, the former mayor of New York is not backing off.
  • All background information about the outgoing President of the United States can be found in Trump News.

Washington D.C. – Rudolph William Louis „Rudy“ Giuliani III is known today as Rudy Giuliani, manic and uncompromising lawyer for Donald Trump. He was once a respected politician. After the Attacks of September 11, 2001 it was the mayor of New York at the time who built up the population of his city, encouraged it, and called for unity. Quite a few US media speculated at the time about whether the son of Italian US immigrants, whose father was imprisoned for robbery and assault and who, despite his father’s misconduct, had worked his way up to a respected lawyer from a small background, as the successor to President George W. Bush could even enter the race for the presidency.

Rudy Giuliani and the envelopes: For Donald Trump he continues to spin the story of “election fraud”.


Rudy Giuliani, now Donald Trump’s lawyer, was a shooting star in the US judiciary

The career of today for Donald Trump active climber sounds like the much-cited American dream. Graduated from New York University Law School in 1968, New York Attorney General in 1970, Assistant Attorney in 1973. He was appointed to the US Department of Justice in 1975 and from 1977 worked as a respected attorney for a New York law firm. Just four years later it went for Rudy Giuliani back to the US Department of Justice – as Associate Attorney General, he held the third highest position in the US Department of Legal Affairs.

1983 changed Rudy Giuliani back to New York as a federal attorney for the southern district – he’d made it to the top. The Italian-American made it into the center of public attention when he took on the role of chief prosecutor in the highly acclaimed “Mafia Commission Trial” in 1985 and brought the godparents of the so-called “Five Families” and their most important followers to court. The process was successful: the Mafia bosses were sentenced to long prison terms. The process and the subsequent court hearings helped Giuliani to gain national recognition for the first time.

In 2001, Rudy Giuliani, now Donald Trump’s lawyer, was at the height of political attention

That attention could be the one Rudy Giuliani I took the next step: out of the courtrooms and into politics. The former Democrat had already joined the Republicans in 1976, and in 1989 he ran for the office of mayor of New York for the first time, but was defeated by the first black mayor of the largest city in the United States, David Dinkins. Four years later, Giuliani succeeded in ousting Dinkins from the throne, and in 1997 he became mayor of New York, the hometown of, with a large majority Donald Trump, re-elected.

Reached its political climax Rudy Giuliani 2001, long before Donald Trump. He managed to present himself as a dedicated rescuer and master of rebuilding after two planes flew into the World Trade Center and plunged all of New York into trauma. However, even then, members of the police and fire brigade as well as many families of the victims of the attack criticized the then mayor for omissions in the run-up to the attack on a national and global scale. Nevertheless Giuliani wanted to know now. He withdrew his candidacy against Hillary Clinton for the post of US Senator for New York State after an extramarital affair became known, but then ran for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008 to succeed him George W. Bush.

Rudy Giuliani was already an ardent supporter of Donald Trump in 2016

His candidacy was unsuccessful, after heavy defeats in the first primary elections in 2008 – Giuliani had left out many states in the election campaign and bet on Florida, where he was only third – he withdrew his candidacy in January, his political ambitions were considered from that moment on completed. But Rudy Giuliani did not even think of staying out of politics and supported Donald Trump 2016 like no other in the election campaign and in 2018 he became the personal lawyer for the elected US president. A role that he has not given up to this day. Since Trump’s clear electoral defeat in November 2020, Giuliani has never tired of spreading the unproven and in most cases already judicially refuted allegations that Donald Trump was the victim of widespread “election fraud”.

A circumstance that legal experts in the US head about the former shooting star of the US judiciary and today’s frontline fighter Donald Trump lets shake. “This is more than just embarrassing,” criticized the respected attorney Glenn Kirschner to NBC News. “What Rudy Giuliani power is not only really bad legal representation, he’s acting for the worst of motives. It’s all about overthrowing the will of American voters. “Election lawyer Matthew Sanderson agrees:” This is not a competent lawyer. He makes strategic mistakes, typographical mistakes – any kind of mistake you can make on a case. I’ve never seen such a dysfunctional process strategy. “

Donald Trump according to NBC about Rudy Giuliani and team: “fools”

Sanderson tells NBC News that Rudy Giuliani wages a hopeless battle against Joe Biden’s election victory: “I don’t think any team of lawyers can save this case. Election disputes are not designed to overthrow tens of thousands of votes. That just doesn’t happen. ”Nonetheless, he takes away the main line of unproven allegations Donald Trump to duty: “But even with this restriction, this strategy was not implemented well.”

A source that, according to NBC, comes from the immediate vicinity of Donald Trump originates, reported to the TV broadcaster that the elected president was dissatisfied with the “exaggerated” appearances of the now fired QAnon-friendly Sidney Powell but also from Rudy Giuliani in the context of what was generally considered to be bizarre press conference at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee last week. Both had spread unproven conspiracy theories about the elections. The source claims that Trump is said to have said “concerned” that his team is made up of “fools who make him look bad”. (Mirko Schmid)

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