Sad record: Maximum number of deaths per calendar week in Styria


Sad record, never in this millennium have so many people died in one week in Styria as between November 9th and 15th. According to Statistics Austria, there were 403 deaths in calendar week 46, 168 more than in the previous year. This is compared to 65 COVID-19 deaths reported for Styria this calendar week according to AGES.
For week 47 (November 16-23, 2020) one must unfortunately expect a similarly high excess mortality. So far, 77 corona deaths have been reported for Styria from November 16 to 22, so again more than the week before!

Died in Styria by calendar week
(excluding deaths abroad from 2000 according to Statistics Austria

KW 46 (9.11.-15.11.2020)
Deaths in 2020: 403 (+168 compared to previous year)
Reported COVID-19 deaths: 65
KW 46 2019: 235 deaths
Maximum values ​​for week 46 since 2000: 271 (2016), 245 (2006), 238 (2009)

KW 45 (2.11.-8.11.2020)
Deaths in 2020: 339 (+66 compared to previous year)

Reported COVID-19 deaths: 49
KW 45 2019: 273 deaths
Maximum values ​​for week 45 since 2000: 273 (2019), 256 (2016), 250 (2007)

KW 44 (26.10.-1.11.2020)
Deaths in 2020: 321 (+73 compared to previous year)

Reported COVID-19 deaths: 34
KW 44 2019: 248 deaths
Maximum values ​​for week 44 since 2000: 248 (2019), 241 (2011), 236 (2018)

Unfortunately, it also seems to apply to Styria, which has been observed in other countries. If the number of deaths assigned to COVID-19 is relatively low, no or hardly any excess mortality can be identified or at least none that exceeds that of a flu wave. In Austria, flu waves appear from the last weeks of December to the beginning of March, but not in November.
However, if there are relatively many COVID-19 deaths, as is currently the case in our federal state, the excess mortality unfortunately goes far beyond the deaths assigned to COVID-19.

Calendar weeks with most of the dead since KW 01/2000
KW 2020/46: 403
KW 2017/02: 368*
KW 2016/52: 350*
KW 2017/01: 339*
KW 2020/45: 339
KW 2018/09: 327
KW 2017/03: 322*
KW 2020/44: 321
KW 2015/07: 317
KW 2017/05: 316*

* Most severe flu wave since 30 years in 2016/17 with an estimated 4,436 deaths according to AGES – calculated on the basis of excess mortality

Unfortunately, one has to assume that at least in week 47 and 48 a similar number of deaths in Styria will be reported by Statistics Austria over the next few weeks as in week 46.

Data source: Statistics Austria; AGES COVID19_Faelle_Timeline Stand 26.11.


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