Salary at Tesla: That’s how much employees at the electric car manufacturer earn


Die Tesla-Gigafactory Shanghai.


Tesla is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and is revolutionizing the automotive industry with its electric cars.

The rapid growth has made company boss Elon Musk one of the richest people in the world.

But what about the other employees at the car manufacturer? That’s how much Tesla employees earn, from engineers to software developers.

Tesla is currently building one Gigafactory after the other and is expanding more and more to Europe and Asia after the USA. The rapid growth recently ensured that Elon Musk on the Bloomberg rich list not only overtook Mark Zuckerberg but also Bill Gates. Only Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is richer than Musk.

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And what about the employees of the Californian electric car manufacturer? US companies are obliged to inform the United States Department of Labor about the salaries of their employees. These data are publicly available.

Accordingly, the following average salaries for the various positions result for 2020:

These are the Tesla salaries in 2020

  • Control Engineer: $ 125,724
  • Data Scientist: $ 107,000
  • Equipment Engineer: 99.188 US-Dollar
  • Global Supply Manager: $ 122,244
  • Industrial Engineer: $ 103,667
  • Integrationsingenieur: 121.641 US-Dollar
  • Manufacturing Engineer: $ 111,863
  • Manufacturing Technology Manager: $ 166,425
  • Mechanical Engineer: $ 107,125
  • Process Engineer: $ 93,989
  • Product Manager: $ 121,500
  • Qualitätstechniker: 93.978 US-Dollar
  • Senior Applications Engineer: $ 131,076
  • Senior Compliance Engineer: 126.000 US-Dollar
  • Senior Data Engineer: $ 147,500
  • Senior Electronics Designer: $ 133,651
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer: $ 116,390
  • Senior Process Engineer: $ 121,895
  • Senior Functional Safety Engineer: $ 145,000
  • Senior Software Programmer: $ 148,001 to $ 165,000
  • Experimental Engineer: $ 149,344
  • Technical Program Manager: $ 115,750

When Business Insider asked for comment, Tesla has not yet responded.

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