Samsung is rethinking: Fans will have to say goodbye to a Galaxy series


Also a current report from the South Korean portal ETNews suggests that Samsung is saying goodbye to its Note series – but supposedly only in the year after next. Accordingly, Samsung is planning a last Note smartphone in 2021, which will be presented together with the Galaxy Z Fold 3; an “ultra” version should probably no longer exist.

Regardless of whether or not Samsung will launch a new Note smartphone next year or not, there are many indications that the end of the Note series is only a matter of time. It is easy to imagine that Samsung will include an S-Pen with the next Galaxy Fold (as well as the Fan Edition); the larger than average screen of the Fold series would be predestined for this. In the case of the S21 series, the stylus may end up being (only) included with the ultra variant of the smartphone. After all, this model is likely to be the largest and closest to the grade.

So far, however, this has been speculation and unconfirmed rumors. It remains to be seen whether (and if so, when) the series of notes will ultimately be deleted. One factor here will probably be the success of the current version, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which the company is likely to follow very closely. Samsung apparently does not achieve new sales records with the Note 20 series.

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