Sarah: With Sanja and Calvin hops and malt are lost!


Has Calvin Kleinen finally gone too far? The rapper and his girlfriend Roxy are currently testing their love at Temptation Island VIP – a real challenge, after all, temptations in the form of hot and willing singles lurk in every corner. At Calvin The advances of the seductresses seem to fall on fairly fertile ground – the Casanova was already in close contact with Sanja Alena in particular. Seems like any help comes too late suggests candidate Sarah in Promiflash-Interview an.

The stylist spent the night with the two lovebirds and the TV chef Ludwig Heer (39) – it came in between Sanja and Calvin almost a kiss when the muscle man dropped an ice cube into the Viennese woman’s mouth. Sarah also noticed: “I can adapt to the situation between Sanja and Calvin remembered exactly and thought to myself at that moment: ‘Oh, maybe both should go back a gear’ “, remembers the blonde opposite Promiflash. But the point had long been exceeded: “But then hops and malt were already lost,” sums up the TV star.

Calvin on the other hand, the whole thing doesn’t look so tight: “I used to do the ice cube promotion as a promoter in an entire club. I do it without any contact.”the musician emphasized Promiflash.

Ludwig Heer, Sarah Milewski, Sanja Alena and Calvin Kleinen

Instagram / sanja_alena, TVNOW / Jovan Evermann

Sanja Alena and Calvin Kleinen
Calvin Kleinen, "Temptation Island V.I.P."-Candidate

Instagram / calvinkleinen

Calvin Kleinen, “Temptation Island VIP” candidate

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