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The Swedish furniture store wants to create terrifying scenes educate about domestic violence in the Czech Republic. Opinions are divided.

Tasteless or an important wake-up call? In the Czech Republic, the Swedish furniture store Ikea is currently creating a kind of horro video for divided opinions. In the one and a half minute long clip, the furnishing giant wants to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence.

You can see a frightened woman sitting in her apartment while glasses break and doors slam as if by magic, she is locked in or being dragged across the room. Only at the end is an angry man shown as the culprit. Then it is said that domestic violence is often hidden. Ikea believe that home should be a safe place.

Marketing strategy only?

Shortly after it was published, the video was already being hotly debated on Facebook: “It’s so moving that I got goosebumps,” wrote one user. Domestic violence is not noticed enough in Czech society. “Ikea is tough on business – and only a fool can be lured by such heartbreaking videos,” wrote one critic.

A recent poll found that 73 percent of Czech women consider domestic violence to be a serious problem that is being neglected. For men it was only 50 percent. More than a thousand people aged 18 and over took part in the survey on behalf of the Vodafone Foundation.

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