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After the cup embarrassment, the Rheindörflers wanted to score with the favorite LASK Linz.

In the 9th round of the tipico Bundesliga, the SCR Altach cashpoint meets the LASK away from home. After the weak performance in the ÖFB Cup, the team and coaching team are required to show a clear reaction.

That was the live ticker from the game LASK Linz vs SCR Altach

Alex Pastoor about the interview with the management: “We have conversations like this often, not just when things go badly. Nevertheless, it is also clear that the presidium would like to know what is going on and how it can be that the club is now playing such a bad autumn for the third time in a row. The conversation was very good and constructive. There is trust on both sides. “

… about the current situation: “Of course there is a lot of negativity after such an achievement as on Wednesday. The point now is to use precisely this negative energy and view it as a motivator for the game on Sunday. It’s not about individual players either, we as a team are asked to pull ourselves out of this situation again. We’re all sitting in the same boat.”

… about the LASK: “LASK is a team with not too many weaknesses. That’s why we won’t talk about it publicly in advance. But we have already shown for at least one half this season against Salzburg that we can hold out against good opponents who are constantly putting you under pressure. If you drive up to an opponent with the feeling that you don’t have a chance anyway, you can stay at home right away. Of course we are figuring out something for Sunday. “

… about the squad: “Philipp Netzer has now trained four times in a row and is fit again for Sunday. We all have a man on board. “

… about the poster of the fans on the training ground: “I think the action by the fans who hung up a poster today is good. I see that clearly as a motivation for us as a team. They did it respectfully without breaking anything. In this form it is their right. “

Emanuel Schreiner on the performance against Vienna: “We missed the basics. If these are not correct, you will also have problems against a fourth division team. I also have to be honest enough that I did not manage to intervene in this downward spiral. I probably still have something to learn there. I don’t think getting the game on Wednesday out of my head that fast, because it’s already deep inside. But we can also use that for ourselves, because everyone now wants to show that it wasn’t us on Wednesday. “

… about the current situation:
“The mood after Wednesday’s game was of course very, very bad. I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we are one hundred percent behind the coaching team. There is absolutely nothing for me to discuss. The good thing about a bad performance on Wednesday is that we already have the opportunity on Sunday to straighten things out. “

… about his fitness level: “I can still feel my foot after the games. But it’s getting better every day. I think that I will soon be able to play 90 minutes again. “(SCRA)

The SCR Altach has a fitting accuracy of 77%. In the opposing half, 68% of the passes were successful. Only FC Red Bull Salzburg (82% | 77%) surpassed both values ​​this season in the Bundesliga.

Daniel Maderner led 22 duels in the home game against Wolfsberger AC – the highest value.

Preview of the 9th round of the Tipico Bundesliga

LASK – CASHPOINT SCR Altach 3:0 (0:0)

Sunday, November 29th, 2020, 2:30 p.m., Stadium of the City of Linz, SR Hameter

LASK won 3 games in a row in the Tipico Bundesliga against CASHPOINT SCR Altach – never again. LASK won 6 of the last 7 games against Altach in a draw (1: 1 on October 20, 2018).

LASK has been unbeaten in the Tipico Bundesliga against CASHPOINT SCR Altach for 10 games (7 wins, 3 draws). The record of the Linz athletes is 12 encounters against SK Vorwärts Steyr until May 1999 (9 wins, 3 draws).

LASK has been unbeaten in the Tipico Bundesliga for 5 home games against CASHPOINT SCR Altach (3 wins, 2 draws) – for the first time in so long. LASK did not concede a goal in 6 of the 8 BL home games against Altach.

LASK won its first 4 home games – for the first time in the Tipico Bundesliga. The Linz athletes scored 12 goals – only more in 2009/10 (16).

The CASHPOINT SCR Altach has a fitting accuracy of 77%. In the opposing half, 68% of the passes were successful. Both values ​​are surpassed only by FC Red Bull Salzburg (82% | 77%) this season in the Tipico Bundesliga.

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