Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin: Horror start because of Ferrari? Mud fight is brewing


Sebastian Vettel switches from Ferrari to Aston Martin. But already now there is the first bad news. The Scuderia probably torpedoed its Formula 1 restart.

  • Sebastian Vettel changes to the 2021 season from Ferrari to Aston Martin.
  • The Scuderia should now put stones in his way and could do one with it Horror-Start provoke.
  • His new car will Vettel before the start of new racing time almost impossible to try it out.

Munich – The current racing year is not over yet, but the looks are already extremely on the next season. After a lot of guesswork, at least one puzzle about the Sebastian Vettel’s future solved. The Heppenheimer changes to the Racing Point team. But be New start with the British could be a very difficult one.

The tablecloth between Vettel and Ferrari should be cut. The relationship between the Scuderia and the multiple world champion just never got really warm. Now a shameful end is to be paved: Ferrari apparently puts stones in the way of Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel on Aston Martin: Hardly any tests in the racing car? Ferrari decision will hit him hard

The Scuderia could Vettel’s restart sabotage mightily. If Ferrari doesn’t play along, he will hardly be able to approach the new car before the new season. The background is a rule change. From 2021 the racing teams will be allowed to use their cars only three days left long test on the track. Before the current race time, they were allowed to take twice as much time for this.

However, only one bolide may be used at a time. The drivers only have one and a half racing days to test their cars in the ring before the start of the season. “A day and a half is very little and probably not enough“, Complained already Vettel successor Carlos Sainz, who is likely to face the same fate.

Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari rejects request from Aston Martin – does that torpedo the whole new season?

It would be all the more important for pilots who now change the racing teamto at least feel the current bolide. Of the brand’s peculiarities, but above all the new crew, you could get used to it. These Test drives but fall into the water for Vettel.

Ferrari Sebastian Vettel does not want to release early. Although the last race takes place on December 13th, his ties to him Contract until New Years to the Italians. Aston Martin have already urgently asked for an earlier release, but the Scuderia is likely to be cross.

Those in charge probably know very well what one is doing botched preparation can flow. Vettel’s test drives before the bumpy 2020 season should have been anything but perfect. (moe)

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