Secondary stocks look: startup300 and Cleen Energy are strong together


The winner of the day was on Friday startup300 7.14% to 3.60 (114% normal daily turnover, 1-week performance 2.86%) Cleen Energy with 3.33% to 2.48 (658% vol .; 1W 24.00%) and AMS with 3.30% to 21.58 (41% vol .; 1W 7.90%). The losers of the day: Porn with -2.48% to 13.36 (72% normal daily turnover, 1-week performance 2.45%), FACC with -2.48% to 9.04 (105% vol .; 1W 3.91%), BKS bank trunk with -1.48% to 13.30 (128% vol .; 1W 3.10%)

The currently longest series: Athos real estate with 3 days plus in a row (performance: 8.79%) – the longest series this year: Petro World Technologies 8 Days (Performance: 26.05%).

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Had the highest daily sales EVN (2.26 Mio.), Palfinger (1.51) and Semperit (1.26). There were upward sales outliers compared to the 2020 daily average Cleen Energy (658%), Athos real estate (370%) and Pierer Mobility AG (298%).

The best stock in the 1-month horizon is FACC with 82.63% that is the best ytd Valneva with 135.9%. Tended the weakest Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG with -47.28% (monthly view) and with 0% (ytd).

Year-to-date, Valneva’s last closing price was 135.9% (previous year: -15.5%) up. Behind Semperit 113.64% (previous year: 11.85 percent), Fabasoft 75.19% (previous year: 123.53 percent).
Worst YTD: Kapsch TrafficCom -56.45% (previous year: -13.68 percent), then Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG -50% (previous year: 10.71 percent), Eyemaxx Real Estate -48.13% (previous year: 1.86 percent).

Further highlights: Athos real estate is now 3 days plus (8.79% increase from 36.4 to 39.6).

Stopped or rotated series: Petro World Technologies + 3.1% to 2.33, before that 3 days plus (16.5% increase from 2 to 2.33).

Top Flop

Wiener Privatbank on November 26th 7.69%, volume 618% normal days »Details
Palfinger on November 26th 5.86%, volume 245% normal days »details
Wolford on November 26th 5.00%, volume 9% normal days »Details
startup300 on November 26th -4.00%, volume 65% normal days »Details
Cleen Energy on November 26th -4.00%, volume 301% normal days »details
FACC on November 26th -5.21%, volume 228% normal days »details

The following stocks are at period high or low (ytd): SW environmental technology (42.8) with 33.75% ytd, Signature AG (1) with -7.41% ytd, NET New Energy Technologies (4) with -20% ytd, Eyemaxx Real Estate (5,68) mit -48.13% ytd.

Farthest above the MA200: Semperit 59,44%, Fabasoft 51.47% and SW environmental technology 35,85%.
Most clearly under the MA 200: De Raj Group AG -61,58%, Linz Textil Holding -30.24% and startup300 -26,41%.

News about the companies (48h)

Here is the Austria-Universe (composition, performance, sales, statistics).

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1. Michael Altrichter (Investor), Gregor Rosinger (Rosinger Group, Investor), Lukas Scherzenlehner (Cleen Energy), (© Martina Draper / photaq) >> Open on

Stocks on the radar:Semperit, FACC, DO&CO, Warimpex, Agrana, Telekom Austria, Austrian post, Erste Group, AT&S, Athos real estate, Addiko Bank, Andritz, Wienerberger, Strabag, Rosenbauer, OMV, AMS, Cleen Energy, startup300, Composite, SW environmental technology, Rather S.

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