Senator: High numbers of infections lead to occupancy


Updated on November 29, 2020, 2:29 pm

Berlin (dpa / bb) – Berlin’s Senator for Health Dilek Kalayci has warned of overburdening hospitals in the Corona crisis.

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“The persistently high number of infections is leading to increasing utilization of intensive care beds for more and more seriously ill Covid 19 patients,” the SPD politician tweeted on Sunday via her agency’s account. The Corona traffic light had previously switched to red for the first time since its introduction in May for the criterion of intensive care bed occupancy. According to the Corona status report from the health administration on Sunday, 25.3 percent of the beds in intensive care units are occupied by Covid 19 patients on Saturday. The mark from which the traffic light is red is 25 percent.

“As a precaution, we controlled the capacities in Berlin at an early stage so that worse things can be prevented so far,” said Kalayci. In the hospital landscape, the situation is also worsening because staff are absent due to the corona. The health senator appealed to spare the employees in the hospitals overload. “That is why it is the order of the day to forego any contact that is not absolutely necessary.” Kalayci urged people to wear a mask “ideally everywhere” and to keep their distance.
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