Sensation in Basel: red-green loses government majority


The red-green and the bourgeois camp in the canton of Basel-Stadt would have imagined it differently: the left loses the majority, but the bourgeoisie do not win it. Instead, a completely different party emerges as the winner.

About to move into the government of the canton of Basel-Stadt: Stephanie Eymann (LDP)

Georgios Kefalas / Keystone

Politics can be so brutal: For the first time, the bourgeoisie in the canton of Basel-Stadt has succeeded in setting up a politician who has the charisma to crack the red-green government majority. Stephanie Eymann from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) actually makes the leap into government with ease – as the best in the second ballot with 31,925 votes. But she is pushing FDP government councilor Baschi Dürr out of the running (27,206 votes). For Dürr it is a bitter vote because he cannot be blamed for anything. At the national level, the FDP and LDP have long since merged, but in Basel they are competing separately. Dürr missed re-election by a small margin – and the bourgeois alliance made up of the LDP, FDP and CVP thus had a majority. Conradin Cramer (LDP) and Lukas Engelberger (cvp.) Have already been elected.

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